Standing up for D.C. Families

Making D.C. Government Work for You

Elissa Silverman is holding D.C. goverment accountable to D.C.’s working families and small businesses. See their stories:

Recovering From Major Surgery

Carlton M.

I used paid family leave in April of this year because I had a major surgery. I was out for six weeks. The paid family medical leave helped me with past due bills that occurred when I was out of work.

Paid family leave was a great support to me when I was unable to work those six weeks—it was there when I needed it most.

Being With My Mom in Her Last Moments

Adam C.

It was a super busy time at work, COVID was in full swing, and my mom became diagnosed with cancer. I took paid family leave to be with her.

Having that ability to just take that time and be with my family, and care for my own mental health, and physical health was really life-changing in that moment. Paid family leave was the reason I could be there fully present with my family, with my mom most importantly, and be with her during those kind of last moments.

I’m voting for Elissa Silverman because we need moral leadership in our city.

Taking Time Off With My Baby Boy

Amy Z.

I’m really grateful to Elissa for passing D.C. paid family leave because it allowed me to stay home a little bit longer with my baby boy. The time that I took D.C. paid family leave was actually the best time, the most enjoyable time between the two of us.

I’m voting for Elissa because she is a champion for D.C. paid family leave and for progressive values.

Training for a New Job

Regina W.

When COVID hit I was absolutely terrified. I had no savings. Thanks to Councilmember Elissa Silverman, we were able to get our unemployment funds very quickly.

Not only did Councilmember Elissa Silverman help us with our unemployment compensation, I was out of work and I thought, you know—why don’t I take a computer course? Elissa helped fund Byte Back, which is a great organization for underprivileged or poor adults who cannot afford to take computer courses. I was able to take it during the pandemic, and I was able to get a job as a bar manager during that time because of the course that I took.

I’m voting for Elissa Silverman because I know that she will always stand with the working people.

Opening a Business in a Pandemic

James W.

When you’re running a small business, government can sometimes seem inaccessible or as an adversary. Elissa has always been a great listener and very open and very responsive. It was great to know that someone who had demonstrated she was ready to fight for workers was also ready to be there on the side for businesses.

Elissa is really irreplaceable on the council as someone whose office is accessible and responsive to questions, to ideas, and to concerns. I’m voting for Elissa Silverman because she’s got my back.

Standing Up for Families In Public Housing

Franselene S.

When I served on the board of the D.C. Housing Authority for the home ownership voucher program, the biggest problem that I saw was the waiting list of how many homeless people were waiting for housing. Elissa was a champion for affordable housing, for workforce development, and equal housing opportunity for low income families.